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Domestic & Commercial Storage

Eurolink Storage offers a cost-effective way of providing secure, clean and dry storage for all your domestic and commercial needs, located in Holmfirth and Huddersfield.

We provide the ideal Self Storage solution from as little as £15 per week whether you are requiring domestic, student or business storage. To help you with your move we can offer one man and a van from £26 per day when moving into one of our units.



Well designed school classrooms ‘boost academic success’

Recent studies by Salford University suggest that well designed classrooms boost the academic performance of primary school children. Layout, construction and decoration of classes has a significant impact on reading, writing and maths.
Natural light, temperature, air quality and individual classroom design are especially important and whole-school factors, such as facilities and size, had less impact than the design of individual rooms.

Big impact:
It is estimated the impact of moving an “average” child from the least to the most effective space would be about 1.3 sub-levels of the national curriculum – a big impact as pupils typically progress at a rate of 2 sub-levels a year.
The three main factors involved in good design:

. Individualisation
. Stimulation
. Naturalness

Of these, the last was the most significant, with air quality, light and temperature playing vital roles and together accounting for half the total impact.
“Humans are essentially animals, and their brains respond well to good natural conditions”

Visual stimulation:
The findings show that individual classroom design played a much bigger role than whole-school factors such as size, navigation routes, specialist facilities and play areas. Eurolink Construction services would say that in a primary school a child’s classroom is their world so when you are designing a school, you have to make sure each and every classroom works well for their specific use.