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Extra classroom space needed?

School Classrooms/Modular Buildings provide the extra space that’s needed
Our Modular buildings provide quick, affordable, additional learning space for schools. We take care of everything for you including planning permission and building regulations approvals, right down to the fixtures and fittings.
Make the most of the space you have
Our modular buildings can be designed to meet your school’s space requirements, whilst working with the outdoor area you have available we can work with you to design a building that would best suit your individual needs.
Affordable, easy solution to overcrowding in schools
With our growing population there is a significant increase in the number of pupils schools are able to accommodate which has created the need for additional classroom space within school grounds. Our Portable/Modular buildings offer a quick and affordable way to create the additional space needed.11013017_880269528719253_8206057218443890901_o
Experienced in working with schools
Eurolink Construction Services Ltd have experience working with schools up and down the country and we understand the additional health and safety considerations, safeguarding checks and legal guidelines involved. Most of our buildings can be constructed quickly with installation scheduled to coincide with school holidays if required.

Eco Classroom Advantages

It is proved that the views and connection the children have with the environment is genuinely inspirational for the children. It’s important to have an environment that can inspire and motivate their young minds. Our Eco classroom and building designs encourage environmental citizenship, educational play and help connect students with outdoor learning and nature.

Our flexible approach to your modular building means your school building is designed for your space which will allow your building to grow as you do.

Outdoor Classroom

Why choose a Modular Building

The benefits
Today, modular buildings are more than just a temporary construction and portable classrooms. There are so many uses for modular building solutions – from permanent housing both remote and urban to retail space and industrial site offices or special event requirements.
Modern modular buildings perform and look as good as traditional structures and can be designed to blend with their natural surroundings.

mod building
Modular buildings are easy to relocate, allowing you to move and reuse them and also be renovated to accommodate your future requirements. Modular buildings are ideal for both temporary and permanent requirements and are often used as office accommodation, schools, classrooms, recreational facilities and many more.

mod building2
Time & cost savings
Modular buildings are easily transported to site for installation. This process saves both time and money because site preparation occurs while the buildings are being manufactured.

Well designed school classrooms ‘boost academic success’

Recent studies by Salford University suggest that well designed classrooms boost the academic performance of primary school children. Layout, construction and decoration of classes has a significant impact on reading, writing and maths.
Natural light, temperature, air quality and individual classroom design are especially important and whole-school factors, such as facilities and size, had less impact than the design of individual rooms.

Big impact:
It is estimated the impact of moving an “average” child from the least to the most effective space would be about 1.3 sub-levels of the national curriculum – a big impact as pupils typically progress at a rate of 2 sub-levels a year.
The three main factors involved in good design:

. Individualisation
. Stimulation
. Naturalness

Of these, the last was the most significant, with air quality, light and temperature playing vital roles and together accounting for half the total impact.
“Humans are essentially animals, and their brains respond well to good natural conditions”

Visual stimulation:
The findings show that individual classroom design played a much bigger role than whole-school factors such as size, navigation routes, specialist facilities and play areas. Eurolink Construction services would say that in a primary school a child’s classroom is their world so when you are designing a school, you have to make sure each and every classroom works well for their specific use.

Portable and Modular building advantages

Think of any construction need and chances are Eurolink Construction Services can answer them for you. Portable/Modular buildings are designed and built specifically to meet your requirements. There are generic models available for rent or sale but if you want one specifically built to your specifications, this can easily be done. So either new or second hand come to Eurolink Construction Services.
Portable buildings have various uses. They could be used as stand-alone construction or as stacked up buildings with internal/external staircases and lifts. There typical uses include:
Site Offices
Temporary Classrooms
Nursery Facilities
Doctor’s Clinics
Toilet Blocks
Sales Offices
Before & after school clubs
Sports Facilities
Site Storage
Residential Units
Eco Pods
Garden rooms

A portable building is a fast and easy way to set up temporary accommodation. It is very convenient especially if there is an immediate need for short or long term usage. A portable building has all the amenities of a regular house or structure as it is fitted with electrical, sanitary and plumbing services and facilities, all to comply with current building regulations. Heating and cooling systems are also integrated into each design.
Portable buildings cannot only stand alone but they may be annexed to an existing structure too. The units are easily recycled by using one of our second hand modular structures.